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Birmingham Care Services

Birmingham Based

We are Birmingham Based and Proud! Allowing us to be centrally located to  help people to find the support, mentoring and signposting to services they need.

Birmingham Care Services

Committed to the Community

Our commitment is clear, we provide desperately needed help to those in the community who need it, to find new skills, help with accommodation and practical advice.

Birmingham Care Services

Bringing Communities Together

Community spirited events to help bring people together, with fun, activities and Community based learning.

We are Birmingham Care Services

Our aim is to provide an environment where our service users can feel safe and comfortable to talk about their challenges in confidence without fear of judgement.

Birmingham Care Services Banner
Birmingham Care Services

For the Community

We are proud to partner with Birmingham Care Group and UK Legends of Legends and Parklands to deliver the annual Bringing Communities Together event held in Handsworth Park.

For Mental Health & Befriending

We recognise the impact of the pandemic on many of our citizens and the increase in our community members relying on support for their mental health and wellbeing.

Against Homelessness

There are a number of reasons for a person to be homeless.  BCS does not discriminate or judge an individual because of their circumstances.


BCS works alongside a number of organisations that supports the delivery of our work, we work closely with our service users to find the right service for them.

Latest News & Our Community Work.

Birmingham Care Service has a  PASSION for helping PEOPLE get back on their feet.

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