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Working With The Community

Working with the Community

BCS provides a range of services to support our citizens who are experiencing difficulties with their mental health and wellbeing.  Our team of staff of volunteers are experienced in the health and social care sector where some have lived experiences.

Our aim is to provide an environment where our service users feel safe and comfortable to talk about their challenges in confidence and without fear of judgement.

Empowering People

Empowering People

We recognise the urgent need to address the impact of the pandemic and work alongside other grassroots organisations that enables us to meet the needs of our beneficiaries that will ultimately improve their wellbeing.

We are committed to each persons individual needs through tailored care and support.  Our aim is to support each person to take control of their lives and work towards achieving their own personal goals.

It's all about Care, and Listening.

We are passionate about how we help those who need us the most and signposting young people to find the support they need to better themselves and become more independent. This could involve helping on the phone with advice for benefits, or accommodation, assistance with realising potential, or just being there!

We currently support a growing number of individuals who have been referred, or reached out to us in Birmingham City Council and Sandwell Council areas. These are people who have lost their homes and have no-one else to turn to.

Birmingham Care Services are here to help.

Birmingham Care Services
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